Dulcimer Lesson

Arran Boat Song traditional Scottish

playing the dulcimer

Her hammers glance off the strings,
glide between them.

She plays the introduction,
waves, lapping at the side of the boat.

We play, conjure up the sea,
the thought of a journey.

ride the waves,
reach the other shore.

We create our own versions.
Romances on board,
battles mid-sea,
boats that nearly capsize,
a lover, who returns.

Slow the tune, hold it back in a gasp,
send it whooshing forwards.

A flam for a fleck of foam,
a valley roll for rushing down a wave,
a triple bounce for a peak.

Minor harmonies set the mood.
An A-major chord scatters sunlight across the water.

Judith van Dijkhuizen

If you have any thoughts on this poem,  Judith van Dijkhuizen would be pleased to hear them.